Pixel art




My pixel art

Adventure game

Graphics I made for an adventure game set on a distant planet with a single space station infested with aliens.

The game never left the planning stage and this is probably the only picture I have left.

Mario remake

A bit darker Mario graphical remake

The Witcher

My entry in the GOG.com pixel art compo. Fifth place.

Epic winning!

An idea for an epic 2D adventure game

Killuzone title mockup

Title screen mockup for a Killzone demake

Killuzone intro mockup

Killzone background story mockup for the demake

Fruity Bubble Heroes title mockup

Fruity Bubble Heroes title screen mockup

Fruity Bubble Heroes ingame mockup

In-game mockup for Fruity Bubble Heroes

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman custom hi-res sprite


Gaming inspired smileys