Screenshots taken from the newest exported version.

Start point

The building where the player starts.It is an auto repair shop.

Garage part

Two cars that are still on stands in here. Still in the first building.


Burning buildings and trees side of the auto repair shop.

A store and its sign

There are some different stores but this one has no interior for the player to look at.

Television Masters

Another store and this one has an interior and lights. The top row of text is in white and the lower is divided in the three colors that together creates white light: red, green and blue.

Television Masters interior

he interior of the shop. TV sets in the window are supposed to play commercials.


is is an arcade. It contains three different games right now but more are on the way.

Burning car

Burning cars that blocks the way out of the playable area.


A crashed drone. In future versions they will fly around in the sky. One will crash near the player.


Looking down the street.